I want to make a movie that everyone once watched and loved and now raves about but they can’t watch it right now because it’s too intense. I want to write a book that cleanses souls like a shiatsu massage and javelins on fire. I want to sing songs that sound like your heart and my heart fist bumping with crescendos of high fives and shouting matches. I want to make food that makes you wish for nutritional pills instead of food because this was the best thing you will ever taste but you simply cannot eat it again and so there is no point in regular food any more. I want to make energy that gives me courage that is infectious and uncontrollable, unclean and immense. I want to make conversation at the speed of time, nowhere and every where, instantaneous and always delayed. I want to make friendship that nurtures and destroys, so protective and so rupturing that my soul is now an elastic mess of dependence and hatred, love and tears.

All this and more, I ask in the name of the new year, 2014. Welcome to BerryNice.