1. Kyle XY

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Kyle XY should’ve been a made for TV movie, and I would have gladly watched it one night while trying to work on my ecology homework.  Kyle XY was made in a lab (wasn’t he? I can’t remember now). He did not have a belly button, which I thought was pretty intriguing. I remember once trying to entertain a child that I was sitting by telling her that Kyle XY did not have a belly button. I am not asked to watch children any longer.

I gave up on the show when they introduced a female version of Kyle, whose name was Jessi XX (XX because she was female).

2. Nip/Tuck

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I once used to watch Nip/Tuck and not think that it was scarring or completely useless at all. This was also a period in which I liked to wear stilettos and indulge in frenemities. I don’t know if this explains it, but all of these were at the same time. Maybe it explains something, I don’t know. Nip/Tuck is that show that is already worse than your worst thoughts, so you remain sane and pleasant. Like weird primal therapy for your soul.

3. CSI Miami

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I could write this off to my being a crime story hound, but honestly- who hasn’t watched CSI Miami? Those afternoons, chilling with your mother, folding laundry and watching CSI Miami. Nothing quite says ‘I’m a kid who hangs out with her Mom and does her chores on time’ like diligently watching CSI Miami.

4. Joey

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Suffering from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S hangover, I got really into Joey. I watched all of it. The sister, the nephew, the romance with the neighbor. Failing acting career, unrequited love, all of it. What a pointless, pointless show that made no contribution to anything (except possibly Matt le Blanc’s  wealth– I’m okay with that).

5. Drawn Together

Drawn Together is a great show, really. It’s an animated parody of reality television shows like Big Brother. Actually, strike that. It is an animated version of Big Brother with parodied animated characters.

I don’t really know why I watched it. It was funny but not in a lasting way.

I’ve been told to involve my reader(s) more, make them a part of my conversation. What are some shows you regret having watched? Leave a comment!

Until next time, keep singin’