1. Be a better human being

This is very under-rated, but being a better human being is actually the best way to be a better human being. Before you do something, ask yourself: “Would a better human being do this?”

If not, do not do that thing.


2. Get a dog

Dogs make human beings better. To be able to unconditionally love an organism that will regularly get into your trash can and strew garbage over your floor will make you a better human being. When you are cleaning up your dog’s vomit after he/she ate their own poop and has thrown it up, you are becoming a better human being.

3. Respect rites of passage

You’re not the first person to do anything. There have been people before you who have tried to be better human beings. Everything you’re doing is a rite of passage, so don’t waste your early adult years in arrogant ignorance. Respecting rites of passage  make you a better human being.

4. Don’t be a condescending judgmental prick

Every time you’re an insufferable judgmental prick, a baby puffin is killed. No but seriously, every time you’re an insufferable judgmental prick, a baby puffin is killed. Also your conscience and a portion of your chances at being a better human being.

baby puffins

Baby Puffins


Look what you did

(These images are from the internet)

5.  Be good at sharing

Not just the giving part, but also the receiving part. Don’t mooch or be a martyr. Figuring out this middle ground will make you a better human being.

6. Allow leeway for jealousy

Jealousy is a normal emotion.  You can feel it, others can feel it. Every time you don’t act on it and lash out and undermine and embody an ongoing train-wreck, you’re being a better person.

Image from Buzzfeed

Image from Buzzfeed

7. Stop telling people you’re being the bigger person

The bigger person does not do that. That’s the opposite of being the bigger person. That’s being the small, tiny person.

8. Don’t make condescending lists telling people how to be better; mind your own business. 

Would a better human being do that?

Image from Tumblr