The ‘Chennai Express’ preview released this week. Staying away from the Bollywood-makes-caricatures-of-South Indians-War is a generally good idea to help stay healthy and calm, but some times you just have to bite the damn bullet and write about it.

Here is the preview now:

As previews go, it seems pretty straightforward and good. It lets you know what the story is about, it lets you know who is in the movie, and it lets you know that it is (unfortunately) typical Bollywood nonsense. Without sounding like the angry mob in my head, here are things that work and don’t work.

These henchmen work. Except for how they are profusely expressing religious symbolism, but maybe that was just their characters. Maybe they were all running out of a temple.



Chennai Express Deepika padukone SRK

Deepika Padukone’s look works. I’ve seen ladies in Tamil movies dress like that.
Chennai Express Deepika padukone SRK

You know the end of the world is near when you’re typing the words ‘Sathyaraj is a saving grace’, but he looks good. Solid.

This song looks legit. I am 72% sure that they airdropped Priya Mani and SRK into the sets of Kannitheevu Ponna. That’s cheating, y’all.


I read somewhere that Manorama was in this movie. Show her off a little bit?


This is from Arrested Development. I want to cry.

And in the name of anything you believe is holy, PLEASE RE-DUB DEEPIKA’S ACCENT. What is this accent? Is this how people from Tamilnadu sound? Is this how A.R. Rahman sounds? Deepika, your accent is terrible. Nicky Minaj would’ve done a better job trying to sound Tamilian. And Nicky Minaj was responsible for this.


SRK, stop associating yourself with nonsense like this and try to grow as an actor. Remember Ra.One? Remember that?

I don’t know if there is a problem with the education system, that everyone in Chennai had to learn that there are different states in the Northern part of the country, they are all not one (remember those annoying scrapbooks we’d have to make with different cultures and dances and foods?). Why is Bollywood (located in West India, not the North) so adamant that all the southern states blend into one culture?

I could be wrong, this song could be about Kerala (Where Kathakali is from, Shetty)

I could be wrong, this song could be about Kerala (Where Kathakali is from, Shetty)

Anyway. Great preview, guys. Really looking froward to this.

Screen_Shot_2013-06-13_at_6.20.29_PM Screen_Shot_2013-06-13_at_6.20.26_PM

Images source: The YouTube preview.