Invite your abuse. Be a silly girl. Hell, be a silly person. Be a trusting child. Be a spouse or an employee or a teenager. Be a student or a parent or a sibling. Be a five year old.

Have instincts. Follow your instincts. Don’t follow your instincts. Fall in love. You deserve it. Believe you deserve it. Your body is separate from your entity. This is par for the course. This is a rite of passage. This is a part of your story together.

Give consent. Take back consent. Stay sure. Change your mind. Be confused. Be aroused.

Walk into a bad situation. Stick to it. Hell, be blind to it. Tell yourself you deserve this. You love them. They support you. You deserve this.

Empathize. This is not about you. This is about them. Their pain. Their self-loathing and their inability to love without hurting you. Sympathize. Understand. Forgive.

Deal with this alone. You deserve no outrage. Nobody will believe you. Do you believe you? You deserve no self worth. You’re broken. You have no sexuality. Don’t get help. You don’t deserve help. You’re blowing things out of proportion.

Be charmed. Be isolated. Don’t raise your voice. Live in your silence. You need too many things and too many people to get you out of this. Suffer your abuse.