Catherine Tate played Donna Noble, The Tenth Doctor’s third companion on Doctor Who, the modern series. Mild spoilers to Doctor Who lay ahead, be warned.

In her infinite wisdom, Donna Noble taught us very many things.

How to be assertive and let people know when you play your part.

How to tell if someone is really posh

How to be excellent at charades

How to always ask the right questions

That if people give you things that don’t fit you, just insult them.

How to find a way to speak to anybody

That it is important to care about your appearance

That there is one way of fixing the world that we can all attempt

That you should not diet unless you know you for sure that you are in the real world.

Apart from these, she taught us three of our biggest lessons.

 Always be awesome

Always be indignant

But above all, always be Noble

I got all of these images from this wonderful Tumblr:

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