After much thought, chocolate and impulsive decision making, BerryNice is now on Facebook! True to the blog’s general coy nature, she fully believed that being on Facebook was unnecessary pressure that she would not be able to deal with. What if people did not want to be seen with her in public!

Anyway, it is too late now for such anxious contemplation, because BerryNice is on Facebook and is asking for her rightful share of social mediocre space. Here are 5 compelling reasons you should like BerryNice on Facebook:

  1. You know the writer personally, and are tired of her personal Twitter/Facebook pages filling up with shameless pleas to read BerryNice. This way, you can remain friends with her while filtering out all this ‘blog’ junk.
  2. You are a supporter of blogging and aspiring writers, a web attention philanthropist, really. Liking this blog will support the blogger and you like supporting the arts, you do.
  3. You click the ‘Like’ button by mistake, go to the Facebook page and see how pitifully few people like the page, you don’t want to break the writer’s heart, you throw her a bone and remain a Liker.
  4. You like BerryNice and have stuck with this blog since 2009, through the writer’s loves and losses, ennui and education, altercations and alliterations. You genuinely want to keep up with this blog and read every word, and cry with the music and love with all your heart. You are a good person, and I adore you.
  5. This post has convinced you to like BerryNice on Facebook. Moved to tears, you look for the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons. They are here somewhere. There it is! Good job, thank you. I owe you a doughnut.

So go on, like BerryNice on Facebook. I am going to put a picture here that you can click on, and it will take you to the Facebook page directly! VOILA

Berry Nice on Facebook

Like BerryNice on Facebook

Until next time, keep singin’!