My dear Blueberry,

I hope you are doing wonderfully well. I have been doing well myself, what with the summer being upon us, the orchard is blooming and I look forward to a fruitful harvest (chuckle).

This winter we had two American families visit us in the village, along with your uncle Seenu’s friend Ravi and his family, who are also now settled in the States. We arranged for them to stay with us at the farm house. It was a nice change,  they enjoyed our warm winter and the food. Many of them thought it was a little too spicy but they seemed adventurous. The benefit of their visit was that we finally set up internet in our house.  Ravi’s son  set up this email account and taught me how to use it.

I have been wanting to write to you since they left, but only just found the time. These Americans are so different in their thinking, Blueberry. I am not talking about their non committal  love marriages and their weird, tiny clothing. While putting them up in our house, I had to explain so many things to them that you would think they have already learned or been taught by their parents.

All this made me think of you, you are so far away, I hope you have adjusted to all the changes and don’t feel lonely or alone. I often think of you during my evening walks in the orchard, when I see baby monkeys fall off the trees they have been climbing.

Write back to me soon. I check my e-mail every night before going to bed and I hope to read yours tomorrow night.

Love and blessings. Your auntie


Dear Seetha Maami,

I apologize for my delayed response. I was in the middle of moving house and just set up the internet at my new place myself. It is lovely to hear from you! It was nice of Ravi’s son to set up the internet in the farm house. I am sure you are entertaining yourself on the World Wide Web.

It has been about three years since I moved to the States. It was a little hard at first, but it has gotten much easier as time goes by. I often think that the lessons we learn while getting better adjusted to life here are rites of passage, the levels unfold as we go along. Surely, there are many things I only learned after moving here; but overall it has been quite an experience.

So I think I understand what you mean by people being different, could you give me an example of what you had to explain to them? I am quite intrigued  to know.

Hello to Kumari Akka and Driver uncle. I am as always, amused at monkeys reminding you of me. Take care!

Love from


~To be Continued~