Throwback Tuesday! Found a version of this in an old draft from 2008. Only five years ago, NBD.

Image from: Electrical Storm by U2

Image from: Electrical Storm by U2

“Fear has a smell as love does”- Margaret Atwood

Your sweaty palms, your fluttering heart, and the pain in your system. Fear causes pain, like love does. Pain flits through you. Your cheeks are hot. You can’t feel your fingers. You imagine your unknown, and fear it. You think of what can go wrong while having completely reconciled to being helpless about it. You are afraid of what it may do.

Fear makes you brave, like love does. You do things that you wouldn’t imagine. Things that are contrary to your identity and your principles. You hold on to your one irrational love, you constantly refuse to face your one irrational fear.  You overcome so many more, just to deny that part of you that blocks out the possibility to feel what you don’t know.

Be afraid of what you love.

Title from The Shock of the Lighting, Oasis. Listen to it here!

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