10 ways to fight a battle that’s breaking your heart

  • Hit rock bottom.
  • Wallow in the extant reality of your despondency. There is no truer sorrow than despair.
  • Keep falling back into old habits because its easy to do that. Text that ex at 4 am. Spend time holding hands with that jerk.
  • Find yourself wishing for courage and healing but never actually doing anything about it.
  • Never clean up after yourself. Everything about your life needs to reek of post apocalyptic-ness. Your mind is a wrecked jungle and so must be your atmosphere.
  • Don’t look inward or outward for strength. Strength is an urban legend. Strength is for cowards and people who want to keep going. You’re fine here. Here’s some chocolate that you found in your back pack.
  • Truly give up, sincerely believe that this is it. This is the level of happiness you deserve, and that’s probably why that’s all you can get.
  • Have sudden spurts of determination regarding your future that die out soon.
  • Write a ‘how to’ post glorifying your existence.
  • Cower under your self-pity and end your post.

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