You love David Cross. You think the Crane was the best animal in the Kung fu Panda movies because he was kind of wise but also very mocking but sort of in a self referential way. You live your life pretending Tobias Funke is around you (you prematurely blue yourself). You like David’s odd, dark humor that is also funny but in a way that you appreciate only because you relate with helpless situations. You give out business cards that say you’re an Analrapist.


You love Will Arnett. You genuinely gave watching Up All Night and Going Wilde a shot and it broke your heart when Amy Poelher and Will split up. It’s a tiny huge mistake. You miss Gob and Devin Banks. You have a letterhead that says ‘Gobias Industries’. You want Samesung to give the E back to GE.


You watched The Inbetweeners. You’re glad Blake Harrison gets to play some sort of weird sadistic genius instead of a dim pushover.

You will watch Jon Hamm in/doing anything. Advertising Guru, manservant, mysterious player in seemingly complicated conspiracy– you don’t care. Jon Hamm ❤

You like British comedy or anything closely related to British comedy. It does not matter what kind. You think it is inappropriate and rightly so, this is real comedy. Anglophilia is one of your major character traits.

There are only twelve episodes, that lead up to a pretty funny climax. It’s pretty good blue comedy and it’s smart and witty. Not all the time, but why not, eh. Will Arnett deserves several awards for being amazing, and David Cross deserves applause and ratings for being David Cross. If nothing else, it is original. It’s satirical, exaggerated, classic-Cross-absurd, has freeze frame joke moments and somehow oddly makes sense.

Also, Jon Hamm. Just saying.

Here’s the theme:

Until next time, keep singing!