6 things you learn about your actual self by turning down someone you’re not that into

  1. You actually hate yourself–you’re going to die alone. You will never find love, you’re going to die alone with supportive (married) best friends and all 6 of your pets, named after your favorite fictional characters. 
  2. You’re actually being kind to yourself– you don’t want to date someone who makes you want to scrub your brain out after you’ve hung out or met up.
  3. You’re actually incredibly impulsive–your one tryst at this loud night club did not warrant your judgement that they were judgmental d-bags all the time, maybe there is more to them and you made a mistake telling them you’re not into exchanging numbers.
  4. You’re actually being considerate– nobody wants to be with somebody who is not into them. By telling them that you don’t want to date, you’re letting them free, free to meet someone who deserves to be loved and not this, whatever this is.
  5. You’re actually much better than everyone else– relationships are for shmucks and people who don’t want to wear pajamas all weekend, watching crime shows and drinking wine on the treadmill.
  6. You’re actually being quite intelligent– you don’t want to be with someone just for the sake of not being alone, you’re keeping yourself free (and alone) to find love.

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