Love someone who will mock themselves. Love someone who will tell you their deepest, most embarrassing secrets just to make you laugh. Like the time they tore their pants working out at the gym or the time they thought they were stronger than the iron rod their shirt was caught on.

Love someone who will let you know that your USP is that you’re ‘lovable-silly’. Love someone who tells you on the phone at 3 am that they don’t know how to not take you seriously.  Love someone who writes you music, and cleans up after you. They are glad to get that glass, yes, and Yes, they will bring you another drink. Love someone who tells you to knock yourself out.

Love someone who can’t stop telling the story of how you met. They’ve told it to people so many times, they have their own routine (one that does not necessarily involve you). Love someone who wants your friends to like them. Love someone who thinks you have answers. Love someone who is astute while being silly(“What, why have you stopped laughing. Oh have I accidentally said something profound?”).

Love someone you want to clean up after. Love someone who’s parents you want to love. Love someone who shares your dreams. Love someone you can periodically read with. Love someone you want to cook for. Love someone who will eat your food. Love someone who makes it easy. “Is it this easy?”, you wonder. “It isn’t, not that I remember?”

Love someone who tells you they want to know. Love someone you’re always hoping is at the door. Love someone who loves your face with a cold. Love someone who’ll love you without being told.

Title source: Your Song*, by Elton John

Image Courtesy: Ash drew me this cartoon. Yes, she’s all kinds of fabulous.

*Excellent cover