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On Thanksgiving night, I went and watched Life of Pi. I had read the book when it came out and the only things I remembered from that were the weird island and that I was not happy with the way the book ended. Visually, as you may have heard (or seen, mostly seen, because vision is seen) Life of Pi is stunning. I was dreaming in blue for that entire weekend and I loved it. Also, the entire story is extremely graphic and so the movie absorbed my interest more than the book’s narrative had. Also, I really loved that everybody talked in Tamil and Bombay Jayashri was singing one second into the movie and Tabu was telling the story of Krishna and just everything about the initial part of the movie. It was a good thing that I’d forgotten a lot of things, especially the ending, except that anti-climactic feeling the book had left me with. With the movie, it was different. It was a haunting lack of closure, that the amazing visuals throughout the movie really helped reinforce. I walked out still feeling unhappy and unjustified, only I was not as angry as I was when I’d read the book. Two days later, I was telling myself that it’s okay, not all stories end like an Agatha Christie book, not all protagonists find love at the end while successfully solving murders(or watching Miss Marple/Poirot solve murders). Overall, awesome movie experience. Go watch it if you haven’t yet! Better yet, wait for the Blue-ray and watch it on HD. At night. Dream in beautiful turquoise for the res tof the weekend. 

 A few days after this, I finally watched English Vinglish. People say this was Sridevi’s comeback to Bollywood, but when did she ever leave? I saw her at award functions and dances and what not and so this whole ‘comeback’ thing is confusing. 

The movie was pretty good. Entertaining and wonderful, with no airs. Spoiler alert, but I am pretty sure everybody watched this movie before I did. Does it really take only nascent language skills to break someone’s heart by saying ‘Thank you for making me feel good about myself’? The honesty sticks with you, and so the movie wins.

Until next time, keep singing.

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