I am seventeen. You sit behind me in a class and one day, I am suddenly arguing with you about porn and pulp fiction. I am self righteous and fresh out of high school, you are indulgent and amused. You are charming, and offer me a ride home. I accept, and slowly fall into how easy it is to talk to you. We are both seeing other people. Soon, we are swapping music. We are exchanging life stories, hopes and dreams. I tell you about my made up alter egos. You are indulgent and amused. It is that summer after high school.

We are staying up nights, singing, talking about nothing. You are playing me new tunes you’re writing for your band. I am excited that you don’t use SMS lingo in your texts. You are excited that I like almost every song that you like. I get a call from a friend I have not talked to since junior high. She tells me that I should not stay up nights talking to someone who is seeing someone else. I agree.

It is almost the end of the summer. I like Chinese food. You tell me you want to be the one who shows me everything the city has to offer. I laugh, we make plans to be in a DVD swap pact. I buy you Sideways. You burn me One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest.  We hug outside the DVD store. You tell me that girls are classified as crushable and non crushable and that I’m definitely ‘crushable’. I am randomly weak kneed but ignore it for most part.

What you feel is what you are
And what you are is beautiful.

-‘Slide‘, Goo Goo Dolls