I watched 3 last night. I liked the movie a lot. So much, that I decided to write about it here. I have to start with a disclaimer, if you got here Googling ‘3 movie+tamil+review’ (or ‘Simran+Weight gain’, the record holding search term for this blog till date): I like Dhanush, I kind of like it when he does anything cinema related, so my views are biased. Or are they? Anyway.

Spoiler Alert. Go read my other posts and Retweet me and everything if you have not watched 3 yet.

3 is that movie that you watched last night but you’re still thinking about tonight. It has its major pluses (did I mention my irrational Dhanush craze?) and its quota of things that throw you off balance. At this point, I think it is safe to say that Dhanush and Anirudh carry the movie on their shoulders. Not without help from Shruti Hassan. For someone who went into the movie thinking that Shruti was too much of a pretty face to emote (I’m sorry but 7am Arivu was just awkward), she had me gripped when she said ‘But he is still here Ma’ to Rohini, who breaks out bawling. I let out one long dry sob for love that is taken away so cruelly from you by death. In being shocked, confused and pining, Shruti’s drawn out emoting periods wait for me to empathize with her pain.

Before I watched the movie, there was a lot of talk about how the first half was better than the second. I can definitely see why this may be true. Tuition and tuition love is definitely the highlight of Class 12. If you’re not in Science group and slugging it out in 3 different tuitions and coyly playing footsie with that one boy who is in all of your tuitions, you are not doing it right. All the acting in these parts is very neatly done. It’s almost unfair that Dhanush has no idea how to age, or look different from how he did ten years ago in Thuluvadho Ilamai. The screenplay is decently paced, and basic relationships are established.

So far, I am excited. I am psyched by how mainstream this movie is and that the director is a lady. I am already humming Kannazhaga and ‘Sollu nee I love you, nee dhaan yen kurinji poo’. I am jealous of their apartment and how neither of them seems to have a job and that they spend all their time in happy honeymooning.

Suddenly, we are jerked back to the present. Sunder is here. That poor man from Mayakam Yenna. This movie has taken a crazy turn. I am texting H my joke that 3 should’ve been called 2, because it is Mayakam Yenna Part 2. She does not respond with mirth.We figure out the whole deal with the Bi-Polar disorder. The Hutch dog goes missing. The pace slackens. Po Nee Po seems to be used very misplacedly. One well deserved mass fight scene in a parking lot is shown. Again, like during Mayakam Yenna, I want to hug Sunder and thank him for always being there. There is a spine chilling climax. The credits roll.

I am sitting, scared shitless by Dhanush’s hallucinations. I am frantically texting H and telling her that she needs to drop her life and hold my hand through imaginary people and my rational fear of them. At this point, I am curious why this movie is called 3. I want closure. I think of how Kolaveri was appropriately picturised, with no slo-mo gyrations by Item Number Akkas. I think of how the music was quite brilliant, regardless of how Chopra-Joharesque the re-recording was. Very haunting,but. And that the songs are the kind that grow on you after you have seen the story. I think of how Dhanush is going to win so many awards this year for Mayakam Yenna and 3. Visuals from the last two minutes of this film are still playing in my head. But I am still wishing for so many things.

I am wishing that there were more segues in the screenplay in Sunder’s story. I am wishing that the movie transitioned into the second half with some ease. I am wishing that Dhanush had not sung Kannazhaga, and Ajeesh had. I am wishing that Po Nee Po (initially my favorite song of the album) was used better in the film. It seems too forced, like they wanted to fit all the songs from the album into the movie. I am wishing that the movie were more socially responsible, like apparently Sudhish Kamath also does. Why does Dhanush not want to ask his dad for help? How is it fair to not seek help when you have doting parents who buy you beautiful apartments?

But over all, I am super glad that this movie is striving to strike a balance between being all dark and disturbing and what not, and still being super mainstream. I am excited to see what’s next. From Anirudh, Aishwarya, and Sunder. In the words of the very wise H, I paraphrase: ‘I know that I have not been asked to host “Madhan’s thiraiparvai” for the movie 3, but- Wunder(bars)ful.’

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