There are multiple things I wanted to discuss on this post. I was walking to the movie theater to watch The Hunger Games last night, when the phrase ‘find yourself before you find someone else’ crept into my mind. This seemed like a counter-productive thought process to find love and companionship, which I believe are things that grow with time and trial. Anyway, I was happily distracted by popcorn, and the Bouncer-Protected long lines to enter the movie hall for The Hunger Games.

Here are some thoughts I had on The Hunger Games: The movie is pretty well done. The soundtrack has not grown on me yet, I’d even say there was a tiny lack of music in the movie, considering its dark theme and execution, I feel like there was some opportunity to make a bad-ass score that was under-utilized. I have not read the books, I’d go to the extent of saying that I kind of dislike teen-fiction novels that are narrated in first person. As a movie, the screenplay and characters do an adequate job conveying the messages that I think they were supposed to – economic divide, autocracy and desperation. It does not hurt to have a basically dystopian, violent premise (which I think is the reason the story got picked to be made into a movie in the first place). In fact, there are times that I cannot wait for the sequels to come out, and may even read the books.

The reason I was thinking about ‘finding yourself’ and what not was a follow up to some plans I was making to travel/relocate and wishing there was some way to connect where I come from to what’s actually around me.

For instance, here is something that I spent one wonderful minute watching yet several enjoyable minutes grinning about.

Kris Srikkanth is from Chennai, I am pretty sure he was my Mother’s favorite cricketer at some point, in fact he belongs to that group of people without whom I have no idea how to watch cricket. Speaking of Chennai, I think the movie that Chennai or even a lot of India is waiting to watch is 3, which reached global recognition for it’s Why this Kolaveri song.

It is, however, also famous for the question it raises, making it important to go watch The Hunger Games.

Why this Kolaveri di Katniss?

Katniss is very grateful for this free publicity for her movie in India and responds with a direct command to Go Watch The Movie 3.

As I put this together on this post I realize that no matter where I go I will be that connection between where I’m from and what’s around me.

On that poetic note, I leave you to think about how if Globalization and Synergy were people, they’d totally be chest-bumping right now.

Wrap up your questions, keep them down
Let the water lead us home
And I was sorry for what I’d done

‘Home’ – Mumford and Sons