So I thought I must write a post on the winter. Sort of like ‘How to handle the Winter and not let it get you down/dead?’ type post. This is also like a ‘Tropical’s Anonymous’ information brochure. I admit that living in Atlanta for my second winter now qualifies me in no way to be meting out advice on winters but hear me out, if there’s one thing I am good at, it is convincing you how I can be good at stuff.

SO anyway. Here is a list of alternating Dos and Don’ts of Winter things to make your day/night slightly warmer.

Do: Try to get excited about Winter clothing. It is amazing, especially if you grew up in the real ‘Tropics’ and now have the opportunity to buy/wear them. Jackets and layers are fun!

Don’t: Blame yourself for not knowing about ways to cover up and protect yourself from the cold. While heat is only singeing,  the cold, it is bitter and unforgiving.

Do: Know that One Day when it has stopped being Fall and decided to be Winter. That will be the day you will be excited that it is your first winter! Cherish that day. It is your one day of wonder and joy.

Don’t: Give up caffeine, nicotine or other addictive chemicals if it is your first winter. Let me explain to you how (I think) sleeping works. There is a certain lowered temperature that your body needs to be in for deep slumber, one that is reached much more easily during the cold season. This weather was MADE to drink warm liquids and snuggle. If you have a system to beat the sweet monster of sleep, NOW is not the time for intervention (although Later probably is).

Do: Enjoy the delight that is a warm drink. This could be warm Irish coffees covered in cream, warm spiked cider with cinnamon, hot chocolate with peppermint patties, delicious mulled wine, or just good ol’ eggnog.

Don’t: Forget that hot showers will warm you instantly. But this can also mess your skin up real bad so know when your ‘Hot Shower’ is now you officially Sucking all the hot water out of the pipes and your roommate wants to smash your head in.

Do: Moisturize and Humidify and Drink water. Especially if you fall sick, which will be covered in a later point. Don’t forget that water is the real elixir!

Don’t: Just never take naps around dusk time however tempting it is, whether you got off early from work and your bed is so inviting, or you just really need to sleep at that point. You will wake up disoriented, disgruntled and in the darkness. This is especially true if Daylight Savings just got done and your body does not realize it will get darker sooner.

Do: Eat apples, drink Orange Juice,  eat your vitamins and wash your hands several times a day. I don’t know if it is actually true if germs like to affect you more in the winter, but falling sick in the Winter is way less fun than in the Summer (falling sick in general sucks, I agree), because unlike the summer, winter sickness is not just about a week of no play. It is a week of misery, with your body getting dehydrated and cold, and your mind getting sad and S.A.D.

Don’t: Turn your nose up at Snuggies/Slankets. They are not cool, I know, but they are warm. Oh so warm.

Do: Invest in gloves. And a small sturdy space heater. And a humidifier. And a fleece robe, if you’re one of those Slanket judgers. And those light machines if you need them. Also, always keep Theraflu, Cold medicine, Vicks Vaporub, Axe Oil(whatever works for you) in your medicine cabinet.

Don’t: Think winter caps are dorky. They are adorable and they keep your ears warm.

And I end with this amazing Do:

Wait for Christmas. That perfect white Christmas, however unconnected to your own real life it may be, will always make everything worth it. Even when the snow turns smelly because it’s just been piling up. Because Christmas is that time of the year when it is finally okay to listen to Christmas music all the time. Also, add cinnamon to everything. Tea, Coffee, tequila, oatmeal. Everything.

Enjoy this awesome song!

And if your strife strikes at your sleep
Remember spring swaps snow for leaves
You’ll be happy and wholesome again
When the city clears and sun ascends

‘Winter Winds’- Mumford and Sons

P.S.: Meanwhile in real life, major show crush on Once Upon a Time. It seems so promising ! Also we still don’t know what happened to Justin Beiber’s paternity issue. Just saying.