This is another post in my ‘knowing’ tone. Be cautioned.

Often, we are disappointed. Often we are disappointed in others. Often we are disappointed in other people because they failed us. Because they failed to ask us that one right question, they failed to give us that one right answer. Because they told us they’d never judge us harshly, they’d never do something we’d judge them harshly for. Because they told us they were not drug addicts when we moved in with them but they really were. Because they named their song ‘Linger’ and drew you in, and when you realized what all their (just dumb) words were, you were already humming the song.

But even more often, we are disappointed in ourselves. We are disappointed in ourselves because we failed ourselves. Because we failed to answer that one right question when we were asked to answer it. Because we judged them harshly before they did us. Because we failed by sort-of seeing they were drug addicts, but still moved in with them. Because we figured out the words to ‘Linger’ and we still sing it.

Some things, we do wrong. These things are not like eating a whole thing of cookie dough, or failing to save somebody chocolate .  These things are like brushing people off, or breaking people’s spirits. These things, we realize as we do, and disappoint ourselves.

But most of the time though, we do okay. We try.

Now, to make you feel better about the time you wasted reading this post, pick one or both of these promising, terrifying movie previews.

I tried to do handstands for you
I tried to do headstands for you
Every time I fell on you, yeah, everytime I fell.

‘Bruises’- Chairlift

Keep Singing!