There is no excuse for this, but I have been very behind on any news that is not from my own life. There is an intriguing reason for this, but more on that later. Irresponsible and outdated, I keep moving forward in usual style.

Which brings us to what I wanted to talk about in today’s blog. I started this post a over a month ago. Much has happened during this past month! I managed to catch Coldplay live. Steve Jobs passed away. There are now Arab-Spring style protests in the Wall Street. My identity from my debit card was stolen and I tried to salvage that whole situation. And much, much more, I am sure.

I have spent much time in BerryNice, talking about things that happen around me and to me, instead of focusing on the essence of my existence. I recently read this awesome post and it made me quite comfortable with my life. So much so that it led to that lull in energy that happens once you are used to something. Okay the mini vacation meeting C&H may have also caused this lull. Nevertheless. It’s a lull.

We are so many things, we are young and foolish, older and wiser. We are better cooks and better eaters, we abuse our youthful high metabolisms and suffer worse hangovers as we grow older. We take things other than just our emotions seriously. We choose our role models not so different from our own selves, and we pursue our dreams in small installments.

And there are lessons we learn.  We learn to apologize for being self involved.We learn to let people in and hold someone’s hand(like Amy Poelher so wonderfully told us to).

We learn to love people based on their choices and not just their reactions. We learn to deal with embarrassment and  constantly remind ourselves that our 20s are a steep, steep learning curve. More than anything, we learn to not judge people harshly. We learn to be kinder and do unto others what we’d want done to us.

There are several reasons to stop and review life, but the most fun one is because it makes you do it and when it does, it’s like a mental holiday when it tunes you out of living. While that previous sentence was very creative,  here’s a creative I want to promote- The Office’s Mindy Kaling (who I love) has a book coming out soon, called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?‘. I have it pre-ordered and everything.

Also while we are still around the subject of holidays, I booked my tickets home for December! India bound after a year and a half, I feel like a big fish swimming back to it’s tiny, crowded (very crowded) pond. Cannot wait!

I leave you now with this back up Steve Jobs video, and the earnest promise to be better about this blog. Meanwhile, you must check this weird food blog out.

Until next time, Keep Singing!

Well, hot & heavy, pumpkin pie, chocolate candy, Jesus Christ
There ain’t nothin’ please me more than you

– ‘Home‘  by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.