I’m sure all this silence is very intriguing. My laptop has been doing this thing where it turns off if I keep it on for more than ten minutes. So I have prudently been optimizing usage time for important tasks such as posting absurd links to facebook/ twitter and looking at dresses I can’t afford online.

Anyway. Help for the laptop is on it’s way. An interesting story that involves me chatting with the Dell tech support rep for over two hours, struggling to keep up with my rapidly debilitating laptop. Like J. K. Rowling says- there are a few things that you do together and not end up being friends: struggling to resuscitate my dying laptop is one of them. Saveen and I chatted for a while, Saveen relentlessly keeping up his American accent and me doing my best to wean him off of it (inserting Hindi words in my sentences, swearing at my laptop in Tamil). It was at a tiring moment when the system restore process had taken almost all we had when Saveen asked me if he was talking to an Indian, haan ji, I said. I’m from India.

But it was recounting this story to Lakshmi a few nights ago that ties this in with the rest of my life. I told her about that moment, after all that fake American accenting when Saveen finally broke, and said ‘ I am speaking to an Indian, is that right?’ and she told me how that moment right there, was when the audience would totally relate to my character in the movie about my life. ( cue a.r. Rahmans Vande Mataram) ( in Tamil!).
Which brings us to a few important things today’s post wants to discuss. Recently, I was asked by a very abominable old friend what I saw as a future for this blog. I told him that it is a fair enough platform for me to record my present, share my opinions? But in my tiny tiny brain, it took me 2 whole days of sub conscious thought what this very bright, berating person really wanted to ask me- What do I see as the relevance of this blog, in the present?

Which brings us to the next thing I wanted to bring up. The blog celebrates it’s second birthday soon- I remember starting it at some point during August in 2009, which means the blog turns 2. Also I moved to the States one year ago, last August.

So Happy Birthday blog, and Happy Anniversary me and America, here’s to many more.

Anyway, to answer the question that we were posed with, I am going to now compare this blog to a place that people can hang out at. Let’s admit it, most of the people who I force to read this blog and shamelessly plug it to are my friends, and I like my friends (well most of them) and so I think my blog is sort of like a talk show. Like it’s the Ellen Degeneres show.

Or it’s like the Jimmy Fallon show.

I’d see how it’s like a late night show, because I know how the internet is that friend we call at 2 AM.

So anyway, like all people on their birthdays, this blog makes resolutions. To be harder, better, faster, stronger. To be relatable and make you happy you like it’s present.

Keep singing!

They watchin’, I know this,
I’m rockin, I’m rolling,
I’m holding, I know it. 
You know it. 

-‘Club can’t handle me‘ by Flo Rida