Conversations with friends are great.

So there was this one night when I had some troubles and the kind Sow-Sow called me all the way from London to hold my hand on the phone ( ❤ ). In usual 4 AM rant-ramble style conversation,

me: No Sow, I don’t know- it’s not going anywhere. Nothing is- career, studies, life.
Sow: Hey shut-up. Maybe one day you will end up finding a cure for malaria!
me: There are like four cures for malaria Sow.
Sow: *silence* *giggle*

I usually never have the stones to stand up to people in real life and end up over-analyzing later?

me:  so I should not look for other places because #### is getting pissed is it
Ash:  some people think they have balls of gold. they dont.
me:  ‘balls of gold’ is an amazing phrase
Ash:  thanks
personally created for u

And a short while later:

Ash:  wait g, i want to understand, ***** knows ur interviewing right?
me: yeah fosho! he is giving recs
Ash:  then the other balls of gold wannabes can screw themselves. 

OH and I bleeped out real names of people that are not my friends and are you know, my boss/senior colleagues. OH NO I did. Like from this conversation:

Ash: Where are your balls G?
me: In ***** ‘s court?

Conversations with parents are awesome too.

Ma: Your pictures are so monotonous Gayatri. ‘Cute’ cannot be your only expression.
me: Thanks Ma?
Ma: I’d rather have myself telling you than somebody else, you know.
me: Yeah, I know.
me: No Pa, all I’m saying is-just know that if you think I must visit in August, I spoke to *****, I can make it if you want me to.
Pa: But you won’t get angry if I say you need not? 

 I found this cover of Super Trouper in my external. I wonder who put it there. But I like it lots! You must hear it. 

Okay keep singing!

Title from Super Trouper originally performed by Abba