How long can you ignore rejection? There are bits that we hide away and eventually forget about. There are things that bring back that putrid smell in your brain, making you scowl and wonder if you were ever right? Smell and memory are more linked than taste and memory are, which makes lots of sense.

One of the things I used to say for a long time was that I wanted to be brave. I used to tell H this a lot, and we talked about how I am learning to be brave. Courage is amazing, and it harder to get than to keep.

But in very honest style, it may not take long for the cookie to crumble. But while it lasts, courage has a wonderful smell. It smells like all those smells that happen to you and make you feel happy- like freshly frying cumin in your Mom’s kitchen, like the first drops of rain on dirty earth, even the slight smell of chlorine in your hair after a swim.

Anyway. After all that, I’d like to share this video  Ash made me watch, which has affirmed my belief that my sign language for ‘party’ has been right all along!

And since I started this post with heavy thought and flooded you with opinions and such, here is an apology video ( source: Swapea).

Keep singing! Also, Spotify is pretty nice.

Beat backbones
Grazed the poem and made it strange
I wasn’t born to be a skeleton

– ‘She’s a handsome woman‘ by Panic at the Disco