Hey! Remember when we’d just be entertained by this?

I really like this song, I did when this movie came out too. I did like many songs from One 2 Ka 4. That was one SRK movie we aditched with a vengeance. Worse than Badshaah, I think.

Anyway a better post will come soon at some point I promise like always but for this very handsome post we have an Aftab.

Now I have not watched Deiva Thirumagan(/magal?) and I am not dissing it and please don’t send me hate mail, I hate deleting e-mails and will just have to stare at your hate mail endlessly. Just please tell me why I should not be terrified of the future and what it brings.

This reminds me of this very scary video P made me watch.


  1. Harry Potter is over and so is my childhood. Goodbye cruel world.
  2. Rebecca Black was so cool when she came out with Friday. I mean Glee covered it, everybody knew it and we are all thinking of its tune as we read this sentence. Her new song is so whiny. Hell, Rebecca. I thought you were more badass than that! Now you are just Taylor Swift. Or like Harry in the first part of Deathly Hallows (*whine* I’m the Chosen One MENHH). Tsk tsk.
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today
‘Friday’- Rebecca Black
Keep Singing!