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Here are a few pertinent things:

  1. How/Why is this man out of jail? I remember when this sex-scandal news came out. My Perima (Amma’s older sister) called home and told me to tell my Mom to turn on the news, but not stay and watch it myself.
  2. Why is NDTV wasting time on him? There were three bomb blasts in Mumbai three days ago.
  3. And come on, Nithyananda. You have to say the ‘Gaar’ nice and long, we all know that! Here is a tip
Keep Singing!
Bad kids aint no college grad kids
Livin life out on the skids
Kids like you and me
– ‘Bad Kids’ by Black Lips
P.S.: Really really thankful to Swapea for finding that embed link. You make my life classier!