This is the first time I am saving a draft of my blog on my work e-mail so I can publish it later. This is the first time I am blogging at work. Usually I leave drafts on WordPress and find them at different points. Feel very adult right now.
As usual, I am back from a trip and am reluctant to get back in the groove. Everything can wait.
I had a lot of time to think while I traveled like always, and there are a few things that loomed large on my mind:
I think I have finally grown accustomed enough to Atlanta to call it ‘home’. It is my tiny shabby home made of second hand books and cheap coffee makers, but it makes do. Yes, I may not have a place to stay for a few days when I am between leases. And yes, I don’t know what I am going to do. And yes, I still don’t have a Georgia Driver’s License or a car.
But all that apart.
All that was last weekend. Now I am back in the groove, tired, and wanting to blog about other things.
Like this awesome video of Junior NTR dancing with someone that eerily looks like Sameera Reddy but I am not sure, really.
Except that Sameera Reddy now just makes me think of how I subjected myself to Nadunisi Naaygal and it has left us all really hot and bothered about whether or not it is a re-make of Psycho and whether or not I threw up enough after watching it.
And about how Switty Tera Pyaar is worthy of love for two reasons- 1. It sounds like every Punjabi song you have ever heard. 2. Imran Khan is so dorky when he dances and that is ADORABLE.
So I also want to use this post to introduce two new segments- ‘G Proud to be an Indian’ (yes, it is like I Proud to Be an Indian, only really not as good) where I will mention/discuss/ bring up and then sort of ignore issues like these; and ‘Aftab’ (yes, like Aftab Shivadasani) and will feature suitable things. Like this video.
Thanks, Zoom. Let’s pretend that the overall percentage of children in India that do get vaccinated before the age of 2 is indeed higher than 44%. Let’s please waste money on making videos about Aftab.
I also discovered, thanks to Subbulakshmistoned who introduced me to Kuzhali Manickavel this week, I like her blog much-ly and even bought her book already, even if only on my measly grad-student stipend.
I came across the song for today on her blog! Anyway.
I know today is scattered. But in a very Georgia state of mind.
Keep singing!
Update: I forgot to include this last night, but Pran reminded me of how Adam Levine already made a preview to Ram Gopal Varma’s movie, back in 2007. Just letting RGV know.
Please don’t confront me with my failures
I have not forgotten them.