Today just felt like one of those days when it was okay to indulgently feel poetic about being melancholic. The weather played up beautifully, it started to turn stormy just as I finished up my second drink, turned up the John Mayer station on Pandora and pulled the rug closer around my shoulders. However, just like all other times you try to deliberate a natural thing, the moment I started to feel settled into this mood was when some sort of defence kicked in and I decided it was no good trying to feel Perfectly lonely. This was then followed up with a self deprecating phone conversation with Pran and ordering Thai take out.

Almost all the people I know in Atlanta are at conferences in various cities in the United States. The flat-mate is away too, which is what led me to just sitting and eating dinner and watching this movie during. Interestingly enough, I did not totally hate it. Also, both the guys are so adorably cute, as is this girl. Now I have accepted the fact that I am no movie critic, but why shouldn’t I have one mediocre blog post about my mediocre day? This sums it up pretty well:

Making that on Graph-jam for about five minutes was a high point of today. I hope the color scheme brought out how annoying today was. Anyway. Watch Revenge of the Bridesmaids if you want to watch some very committed acting to a ridiculous story line and some pretty horrible Southern accents (I can comment on this y’all, I’m your Georgia Peach).

Keep singing! (or not, whatever.)

And this is not to say
There never comes a day
I’ll take my chances and start again

‘Perfectly Lonely’ – John Mayer

P.S. : This was also a great song for today, but it does not delve in despair and so I stopped listening to it after a few times. I relate to the part when she says ‘halla, gulla, naach gaana! Mujhe cinema bahut pasand hai’ .

Keep singing!