Rant post.

Moving past that ominous disclaimer, I am here again to rant about God and and how all his children are annoying. I think I learned this from my Dad, who strongly preaches (and practices) his belief that if you have nothing nice to say, you say nothing. This of course has its drawbacks- one of them is that you cease to be honest beyond a point and that is wrong. In comes the Mother, telling me that I must always be honest and speak my mind. One would think this sort of mixed upbringing has given me the perfect middle ground and I am that ideal human being that you have always wanted to meet.


This past year has been amazing, but I have had a lot to complain about(and I dutifully have). I deal with so many bad things, God. Food that tastes like preservative. The burning heat. The biting cold. Terribly high bills. Crazy cat-lady really old really slutty house-mate/land lady. Bills. Deadly cramps. Annoying mood swings, depressive mornings. Leaving cute loving boy back in home-country. Bruno Mars! Hard work. Career Identity crisis. Ugly things. Abysmal artistic capabilities. I recently told a friend that I haven’t read a book in a year and she said *hug*. I lived with hippies that stole my food! I even learned to love sushi, and quit a vice(that was hard). I lost the back to the only ear stud (what was I thinking bringing just one?) I brought here from home. I learned to use toilet paper and tell temperature in Fahrenheit. I even gave watching baseball a shot. And here I am, so much different from where I started. (Although my voice still does not sound awesome, like this) Making faces at stormy weather instead of just loving it like used to, and handling hanging out in the sun with only mild un-ease. Oh but don’t get me wrong, I am grateful.

A year ago none of these things would have mattered (maybe except Bruno Mars) and I’d still feel everyday like I describe in this post. I am grateful. I am grateful for a pay check. I am grateful for air conditioning and the thermostat. I am grateful for coffee and Coca Cola and all the odd quarters I find in my purse. I am grateful for bharatmovies.com. I am grateful for Sriracha sauce and the Indian store that sells Manchurian mix. I am grateful for the random girl on the bus that tells me she likes my nail paint. I am grateful for Pandora and Netflix and Amazon.com. I am grateful for puppies and babies. I am grateful for Sri Mama. I am grateful for Magic Jack and IndiaLD and all my friends. I am grateful for new friends, especially P, that drive me around and make my life easier. I am grateful for the bus-driver lady of my old route to work, who’d call me baby and tell me she’s got my back. I am grateful for professors that appreciate my having a sense of humor to compensate for my negativity. I am grateful for Wikipedia that teaches me a whole lot more about everything everyday. I am grateful for reality television and swimming pools and income tax returns.

But world, I ask one thing of you. I know that it makes karmic sense for people to completely be pissy and moody with me, but I don’t like it. It upsets me. One of the reasons I liked the States even before I got here, other than for this reason was the fact that it is almost a rule that people are nice to each other constantly. You don’t even ask people if they have the time without asking them how they are doing. even if, most of the time they just mean ‘Move it along’ (I cannot find that Scrubs reference online anywhere). People are nice and not mean or bitchy constantly. This may be true of the world in general but more so of the States. And yet, somehow all the mean, constantly sour puss individuals seem to swarm around my life.

Anyway. That was long and boring but I gave myself a hair cut today, which has been very satisfying. Let us see how it behaves after sleep. Also I watched ‘Life as we know it’ which was quite ordinary but was shot in Atlanta and so made for watchful watching.

Keep singing!

The glitter’s all wet
You’re all chrome

-‘Heads will roll’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs