day 08 – a song that you know all the words to

At first I decided I was going to put this up.

Hilarious, I know. Love Mindstorm though. C asked me what I was smoking, the first time I played it for him.

The reason I hardly seem to remember formulas, scientific names,  names of people I meet, and all other regular things people should use their memory for is because my brain is filled with words to songs. Not just Tamil songs, or English. Or Hindi.

Here is a song I know all the words to:

No. Stop judging me. I liked Super when it came out just like all of you people did.

I have a special place for Telegu music in my heart, which I proudly show off using this category.

Here is another I know all the words to.

Okay. Here’s a song I’ve known the words to since forever.

End of post.

Keep singing!!

I’m no different I am just the same
A player in the game. 

-‘Absolutely Everybody’ – Vanessa Amorosi