day 09 – a song that you can dance to

Just saying this before I start, favorite category ever.

Here are some all time favorites.

This is my favorite dance song ever. Ever.

Second favorite dance song ever.

This is a great category for me.

Would fail miserably if I did not mention this one. BEP pre sell-out era. Best. Music. Ever.

Okay one more BEP, for old times’ sake. This was actually the song they used at our official Hip-Hop class.

Can’t stop. This is how awesome they used to be! Seriously old BEP, autotune aint got nothin on you.

This was a great can of worms to open. This song will always and forever remind me of Pran.

Okay enough Peter. Let’s get real We all know H and I have a dance routine to this that we proudly show off to new people we meet.

WHY won’t ErosEntertainment let me embed their awesome quality video?  All I can find is this TERRIBLE quality embed video.

Please open it on this. You will not regret it.

Then there is this song, forever etched in my memory from the Good Shepherd farewell.

And, this is the last song. I am going to pick it carefully. It is impossible to choose ONE Bollywood song that represents all dance needs ever. So hard, it is depressing me.

So I give up. I will just list some Step Up soundtrack songs that ruled my life for a while and end this post.

Here’s one with Moose and the song.

Okay last song of extended long post. Talk about over kill. Hardly, though.

Keep singing!

Title from: My Humps- Black Eyed Peas