day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure

Okay I am infamous for liking the worst of the worst, but even then, I have some standards. For instance, I love all item numbers Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, no bar. All absolutely all. But some are just wrong, I agree.

This is a really terrible song but I LOVE it. Much worse than all the other songs, it stands out and I love it.

This song. I think Nish brought it into our lives in college. Ah. There is a full Punjabi version but it’s not nearly as amazing as the Hindi one, because then the gangstah part does not lip-sync. Also, hilarious.

I decided I’d only pick one Himesh Reshmaiyya song for this post. Had to think for a while and re-listen to all my favorites. Another contribution by Nish. I like the original, but share the remix here.

Never thought Imran Hashmi would make it twice on the same post, on my blog. But let’s be real. I love this song because it has adorraablleee lyrics.

Stop judging me. I’m just a girl who is honest.

Ignore all the Indian audience-suited sex scenes in the video, and this is a good song. The song that wins this post, I have decided.

‘Right Here Right now’ – Vishal and Shekar( Album: Bluffmaster)