I wanted to blog about living with a Male flatmate. What better time than to do it now, a month into the experience? While it is important to act cool and composed about it, it is equally important to record life experiences. This was a great post on this by Sow, and I think it is a great beginning to my post. I will only add points to this post. Most of these are valid for me too.

Let me continue with listing more pros, before we move on to cons.

  • This male flat-mate is a worse cook than I am, he is apologetic about setting off fire-alarms, and ever grateful for any food I make. True for female roommates but more so for this male one.
  • Male flat-mate does not use up all the moisturizer I keep handy under the coffee table. He also sees no reason to use Kleenexes from the box  on the side table in the living room, thus never leaving the box empty.
  • Male flat-mate is taller and stronger than me. Male roommate makes fun of my step stool and calls it a ladder, but is also my personal handy-man.
  • Male flat-mate is a boy. He just needs to be educated on where things are kept in the common areas and complies with no opinions.
  • Male flat-mate is the athletic type, he inspires me to be in the gym for longer.
  • When Male flat-mate is feeling chivalrous, he takes care of checks and miscellaneous payments in exchange for all the times I am nice to him randomly.
  • Male flat-mate is a ready-to-take date when I go to a club. Male flat-mate is also proxy-boyfriend to ward off creepy men in said club.
  • What Male flat-mate means by ‘chill out’ is sleep. Love chilling out.
  • Male flat-mate has no opinions on where my singular piece of art (painting of wine bottles) has to be put up. He just hangs it up and makes life easier.
  • Male flat-mate is totally okay with not being my friend. He does not text his friends about the predicament of not being BFFs with me, or get drunk and talk about it.
  • Male flat mate gives great wardrobe advice. If I ask Male flat-mate ‘Should I wear this bracelet?’, just before I head out the door, he says ‘Who cares? Do you see how deep cut your dress is?’ or ‘Yes you should, let’s leave.’.
  • Male flat-mate can have very hot fellow male-friends who are nice eye candy for healthy happiness.
  • Male flat-mate maintains the balance by playing non Top 40s music in the apartment.
  • Male flat-mate eats plenty of take out, making me feel better about my measly egg-rice-vegetable contraptions/ frozen burrito dinners.
  • Male flat-mate hits on my female acquaintances, creating great potential for drama.
  • Male flat-mate never has PMS at the same time as me. (Sow said this too, but I simply have to reiterate)
  • Male flat-mate DOES NOT CARE about most things. This makes one of us and thus keeps the balance.
  • (Straight) Male flat-mate and I never have awkwardness/issues about liking the same guy/ if I bring him back home with me.
I will update this list with more if I come across more. Cons will be another post. Keeping it positive.
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