Like I promised, I am updating my blog with real news instead of just randomness. I have heard that it gets annoying to open the site to just find random things. So when better to get to it than this nice lazy Sunday afternoon, that I spend lazily cleaning my apartment and convalescing from a slight stomach bug?

It is always nice when you can look back at the choices you made a year ago and be happy you made them. I turn 23 in a couple of weeks. It does not seem so long ago when I was going to turn 22 in a few weeks and I was a little less wise, a little more hopeful.

I have spent these past couple of weeks trying to fix my life. Looks like I may move out of Atlanta in a year, unless by some magic stroke of fate I get to stay on. But more on that later.

The past two/three weeks have been very representative of what I have wanted to be for a long time. I was telling Pran the other day about how when I was in India I was making memories, but here I seem to be building experiences. I’m not complaining, I like all doing it. A fair part of it has been, I agree, EKSI, and for a large part, I have whined and bitched and moaned my way through it, with immense support from family and friends.

However, I feel like it was around this time last year was when time started flying and I wanted to hold on to it, and I started making the right choices for my life.

This is a great Porcupine Tree song that my very nice and very talented friend Shankar made me listen to yesterday, I have heard it a few dozen times since then, and it seems an apt song to be on this post.

Keep Singing!

How does time break down
with no marker, things slow down.

I could tell you what I’m thinking
while we sit here drinking,
But I’m not sure where to start.

Time Flies by Porcupine Tree