day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument
day 27 – a song that you wish you could play

I think I skipped a day of doing this, so thought I must do two together. Not too hard to figure these out, there is no actual song that I can play, and no real song that I’d like to play. I am, however, very enchanted by the horns, and have always wanted to play the drums.

I always figured that if I were in a band I’d play the drums.  And then play this song.

The obsession with horns also makes me wish I could play these two songs:

This was a great song, I have spent too many nights falling asleep to it while in college. Love. Song.

Here’s the other song I wish I could play, just because I love it SO much. Also, this is a great fanvid.

Speaking of ‘songs’ that I can play, I learned how to play the beginning of ‘Deck the Halls’ on the piano once. I think I still can. I can also play the beginning of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters on the guitar. Also, I can play any song on the guitar as long as somebody is moving my left hand on the strings.

Anyway. So much for a post I had no clue about, eh.

Keep singing!

But day after day how I long for you like crazy
Oh our love – how you do me
Oh my love – come on let’s go again
Oh our love – everything
Oh won’t you play with me again?

-‘Captain’ by Dave Matthews Band