day 30 – your favorite song at this time last year

I am doing this 30 day song challenge thing. It feels more right to do it backwards, even if I am not one of them rebel types (always wanted to be. though). Very uncharacteristic but this just FEELS right.

All right so my favorite song at this time last year was- let me think,  this time last year was when I had just gotten back from the annual Sekars vacation to Ooty, I was rather excited because I had visited this wild life sanctuary and had just had some low level animal adventure-hanging with locals type of fun. I insert here a paragraph from an e mail I wrote to the friends about it.

We went to this wild life reserve called Masinagudi, awesome experience really. It was strangely calming, living in the middle of a forest, I had fun with deer out running my handicam speed, I even vaguely saw some animal pounce on a deer and stopped filming out of respect for the dying deer and I also saw an old decomposing deer carcass, the skeleton et al.. deer skulls are awesomely shaped, the jaws and everything.. it was amazing. I was, of course, befriended by 3 small kids, children of the man and woman who are like caretakers at that place, it’s just like a coupla rooms a bathroom and a kitchen, but of course, in the jungle you can eat anywhere, right. So these kids (Chandru Sanjay and Sandhya) and I were quite the Adventurous 4, walking around at night, and eating fruits off of trees (amla, chiku, etc) and I even ate the fruit of the common cactus plant ( unsurprisingly succulent and thorny). I also saw elephants with the longest tusks you’ve seen, like each one 3 feet long, that’s longer than half my own length, makes one wonder about life and the smallness of the self and the redundancy of such thought.
Other than this I obviously hung intrepidly with monkeys and rabbits, feeding them popcorn and random shoots respectively. A few of the monkeys actually became friends with us(the driver and I). And the man there, he made the best Lemon-Pepper tea my God it was just water and tea and lemon juice with a little powdered black pepper but trust me you- liquid gold.
Fishing out this e mail has reminded me what songs I was into at that point last year.
There was this song in Tamil music genre:, which I still love and it makes me happy and teary every time I hear it. But.
There is no doubt that Glee sort of ruled my heart last year, and so this comes as no surprise.
This wins.
Keep Singing!
‘I’m sure you’ll understand my point of view, we know each other mentally’