I have so much to report! It is nice to actually have concrete happenings to blog about, rather than just my dumb thoughts. I have spent much of the past month traveling, moving house, writing and grading exams, and holidaying. One would say that’s a pretty busy time. I did not realize how quickly the month had run by until last night.

I visited 3 friends of mine in Urbana-Champaign(Illinois) over the past week. Had a really great time. It is nice to travel so then you have a bunch of time in transit to spend with yourself and think about stuff. Not that I don’t spend much of my time traveling to and from work making redundant thoughts, but the glamor of sitting in airports with books and drinks and shutting your eyes and ‘absorbing life’ is very attractive. I was thinking about this while I walked around the Charlotte airport, and contemplated starting a travel blog, for my impending travels across the States, maybe outside as well. The first thing that occurred to me was that if I tried to constantly stream thought in a direction that had to make it cohesive and share-worthy, I’d stop having these experiences to begin with. This is an old-old dilemma that has haunted me forever, if the effort that goes into preserving experiences for efficient recounting reduces the quality of the experience itself. I wonder if this trade-off is worth it, or if it is an art that can be mastered with time and practice. to be able to have, and share.

I can feel my thoughts changing with time. I was never extremely stubborn, never the kind that will argue for the sake of argument with anybody or fight until I have the last word. I mean I have always wanted to have that kind of conviction and ability to talk people down but have always failed. Some day. But this was another thing that occurred to me in Charlotte (Very pretty airport, btw- reminded me of Frankfurt), that I consciously feel the quality of thought that my mind seems to make get better, or at least different. Interesting.

It felt so great to be in the Midwest and turn my nose up at everything and how small-town everything was. The weather changed from sweltering hot to biting cold in 12 hours. Not pleasant! But all is okay when you are in good company.

The song on this post is a really nice song that I heard on The Office (Cafe Disco- when Dwight treats Phyllis like a horse)  when I was in college, and I heard it again recently somehow. It is a great song to share on this post because this month also saw the last episode of Michael Scott, and I also, in a drunken stupor in Champaign, watched the hilarious episode (with Agrim) that had Dwight being interim manager.

It would also make sense to share this song on this blog, considering how holiday hungover I am, filled with self pity and loneliness and all negativity. The lyrics just seem more fitting each time I hear the song, and I (finally) feel really cool and working-woman-who-has-returned-to-her-miserable-life ish.

Another fun thing that happened to me on this trip was that I decided to read a book that was not related to Science or anything (not that I DO read as many books that ARE related to Science), but it is a step up from only reading blogs and columns on the internet. I stopped in Atlanta on my way to security check at the Read and return where I found a book called ‘Naked Heat’ by Richard Castle. Seemed to be the best investment for 10$ to make at that time and once I billed that with the pink aviator-ish pardy shades I found and gum, I realized that I had just bought THE Naked Heat, one of the tie in novels that were published with the TV show Castle (yet another homicide-detective TV show I watch). I am sure there were a bunch of tie in novels that were published for Buffy and don’t even get me started on the DDS fan-fiction that Twilight inspired [both of these, I am aware of through DaisyDee]  but this is my first experience with reading one of these (we don’t count books based on The Matrix) and I want to share it. But in another blog, I guess. I just wrote some of it out and realized how much nonsense came out of that attempt. So more on that later. Also, I would like to see my Mom react to me reading books based on Television shows. Besides, I need to deal with this restless, ‘we are more than friends now’ type of feeling this has left me with, before trying to make a judgement.

Phyllis: You wanna dance Dwight?
Dwight: Ordinarily I would say no, but you need move to reduce lactic acid build up. Also, this song is fantastic!

Keep singin’!

Oh, you wear me out,
and there is nothing I can do
Nothing at all.

‘Various Disgraces’ by The Blam

P.S. : DDS stands for Daily Dose of Smut.

P.P.S. : Happy Birthday Jay! She is responsible for the birth of this blog, and on this Happy Birth day of Jay, I say May things always go her pink way!