Seems like a good night to be blogging! Just opened up shop and started writing because I thought I must. I haven’t had much time for new music lately, just a busy time. I look forward to the summer. My friend, whom we can refer to as DaisyDee, put up a link of  Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ recently, that sent me spiraling down memory lane into my childhood or what I call, thanks to all the great photos my parents have from my childhood,  Eye-roll Blush-fest.

I can’t remember exactly when, but when I was 5 or 6, I was in a fancy dress show at school. Back then, my best friend forever was this boy in my class, called Advait (or was it Ankit? one of these) . He was an Egg, for the show. I only ever remember  calling him ‘Anda’. Anyway. So at this very fancy dress show for which I won a Pencil (Yes, they handed out pencils to all the kids on stage after the show. FML.)

I was a dancing doll. A doll that wore a frilly white frock, pearls in her hair and had big round apple rouge cheeks. In retrospect, I am pretty sure I looked like a really tiny clown, but that does not matter now. I googled ‘frilly white frock kids’ to show you readers what this frock looked like, it was pretty much your generic white frilly lacey frock, but I got this as one of the results. Thank you, Kim Kardashian. Now you remain a part of my childhood, as well as of my 20s.

My Mom was no good at making apple cheeks, and so used her bff/opposite house neighbor at that point, Rani Aunty to help out with the dolling up. Following this, there was the photo session at home, which Rani aunty insisted had to be a walk, and they both picked this very song for me to walk to while taking pictures.

All photos from my childhood are left behind locked away safely in India in my parents’ house, and so to help this post I googled ‘Dancing doll’, which subjected me to this terrifying video.

Now I leave with this very post-apocalyptic feeling, spooked and yet safe. Which this song seems to serendipitously reiterate.

And there’s nothin’ sure in this world
And there’s nothin’ pure in this world
Look for something left in this world
Start again

‘White Wedding’ – Billy Idol

Keep singin’!