When I was walking back from work today I realized that there was a sort of quiet in my head. This was not only because there was no Lonely Island music playing on my i pod, blocking all sounds and thought. It was not the null that usually sets in when I’ve crossed my capacity for noise but a different sort of quiet. Not the kind that makes one uneasy either. And later I got home and fell into deep sleep for about an hour. An hour of deep dreamless sleep. No swimming against floods, no skiing dangerously through mounds of snow, no murder mystery solving, but just sleep that literally went by in a flash.

I have decided to do this 30 day song challenge thing on my blog. You will know what I mean when I start doing it, another task I have for myself this summer. Anyway. I love this song that I heard today! Have heard it about 80 times since. Came home and realized that it has a great video too. Wish I could find an embedding link for it. Maybe I am just spaz.

Funny things from my life,

Me: I think want to be an internet celeb.
C: Why don’t you start a blog?
Me: I already have one!
C: Oh. Ouch.

I love Death Cab. Describing my love for them would be another post, for another night. But until then,

When there’s a doubt in your mind
‘Cos you think it all the time
Framin’ rights into wrongs
Move along
Move along

‘You are a tourist’ – Death Cab for a Cutie

Keep singing!