If ennui was my problem, it certainly is not any more.

Between trying to shuffle in course work with lab work and my ‘teaching job’, trying to keep all panic at bay, fixing financial situation, and nourishing,bathing and resting myself, I also try to sort and organize things I want to write on here.

  1. Where is all my music?  The only new music I have heard in the new year is Yodhakaa, not complaining- you must check them out. I need to make time for music.
  2. I don’t know if it was this band, India-sickness or just my good old roots kicking in, but I have taken a steep interest in Carnatic Music again. And it is somehow different this time. Theoretical, if you must ask me to classify.
  3. I am trying to save the money to buy a car so I can be a whole person again. It is AWFUL to not be mobile!
  4. I need to cut down the number of negative things I say in a day. Funnily enough, Pran decided that we have a limited  the number of things we can complain about to one another in a day to 3. This means I stream all my negativity and filter it extensively.
  5. 8693253-Carnatic-Ragas-in-Ilayaraja-Films I read this over winter break, and liked it. Raja of course, is the Raja. But so much fun to know.
  6. I need to get out more. I guess this will happen once I am a (proud) car owner.
  7. My attempts at being industrious are getting better. I already feel that sweet sting of stress that only adulthood brings. This weird, distracted enthusiasm (?) is counter intuitive to my constant whining and grumbling(which is going to cease! (or lessen).
  8. Sit com therapy, thank you.
  9. I want ten things. 8 is such a random number. Oh yes. If someone ever asked me in the future if I lived with a coupla hippies, I can now say yes. In my ongoing first year in the US of A, I have seen most of the roommate crazies that one can. Maybe I speak to soon and there’s more. We never know.
  10. I like all the random people who are nice to me. The coffee lady, the lady who drives the bus I take to work, and the other coffee lady.

There’s ten things. More soon. Soon more.



The clouds will be a daisy chain
So let me see you smile again
Dear Prudence, won’t you let me see your smile?

‘Dear Prudence’ – The Beatles