I usually like to start my posts with possible reasons for why I felt like blogging at that very moment.  Sort of like a – ‘What were the events that led to this publication?’ sort of approach.

And you all know it. I am a let us analyze what were thought processes that led to this publication, sort of girl . There is a reason we study history. My Mom always reiterates the thought that the wise learn from other people’s mistakes. Sometimes I am inclined to believe that this may be a contemptuous point of view, but more often than not, it seems to me like it makes more sense that we make our own mistakes and learn our big life lessons. And by this I mean we don’t repeat other people’s mistakes.

However, when we look at the thoughts we make and pursue, there is a reason a few survive and a few die out. A sort of natural selection of sorts. These thoughts make it through the million ones that we make. Assertive ideas that stand out because they aer haphazard but awesome.

What a boring post. Too bad eh.

‘You test I, you gon’ die,
And at your funeral ya momma gon’ cry.’

‘Ronnie and Clyde- 2’- Andy Samberg feat Rihanna