So I have stagnated wrt discovering music after moving here. I don’t blame the country- I have been the amazing mixture of busy and lazy.

It remains true that we discover new music everyday, but once your head is full of song lyrics like ‘ I have no words to describe this girl, without be-in disrespectful’, and you catch yourself singing ‘Daayam, so sexy girl’ in stressful situations, you feel a desperate need to find something new you can love so that you can stop surrounding yourself with exclusively terrible music.

 I recently discovered Starfucker and I love them! Life is okay otherwise, no epiphanies I want to share, other than things like ‘When caffeine and alcohol are fighting it out in your head, let one win so they know who’s the real boss- You.’.

But I did not figure out embedding for nothing, so here we go.

‘When you’re already gone
I want you to stay
In my arms, in my head, in my eyes,
in my heart, in my lungs, in my lungs, in my lungs, in my lungs’

“Boy Toy”- Starfucker

P.S. : Thanks, C&P: for the band.