Whirlwinds are so awesome. They have that way of being really great metaphors, you don’t realise how harsh or dramatic they can actually be.

So amidst the whirlwind of activity and emotion that is my life- the shopping and preparation to move, the sinking inertia to stick to familiarity, the benign sense of ennui, resigned to the concept of a ‘future’ as an eventuality, and the physical and emotional areas to sort- I seem to be rushing through my days with time being an unmeasurable dimension.

While excitement comes in sudden spurts, accompanied by drive and determination, my familiarly contempt melancholy raises its pretty, well known head, making everything a little less real, a little easier to absorb.

I must go back to some real work now. There is accommodation to be found, classes to be registered for, and shopping to be done.

Landon Pigg has been an absolute worm today. A song worm.

So I add lyrics from The Boy who never, and Coffee shop.

The strongest structures ever built are the ones that don’t get built at all.
The kinda bricks that don’t get laid are the only kind that never fall.


I’ve seen the paths that your eyes wander down, I wanna come too.

I think that possibly, maybe, I’m falling for you.

‘Coffee Shop’, Landon Pigg.

P.S.: I miss you Gayu! Happy marriage-ing to you.