I need to blog about Glee. I am so behind in my blog-land, I have to ruffle through expired thoughts and run through them in a circular fashion to be able to write about them in an adequate manner.

But Glee. Glee Glee Glee. I am so glad it’s called Glee. I met Glee when I was in a good-ish place in my life. I knew where I was going, my in-limbo period had a purpose to it, I felt pretty decently about myself.

Glee just came and took it all to a new level. Maybe it was the timing, maybe it was the manner. Maybe it was the fact that something as dramatic and musical as my own (sad, pathetic) self was appealing to me, maybe it was how they seem to pick all the right songs, Glee just got better with every episode.

Glee makes me gleeful. Glee makes me happy to say I’m a Gleek. Several weeks after the Season Finale, I am still High on Glee.

I love Chris Colfer. He’s a rock star. I love Puck. I love how ‘Sweet Caroline’ makes me feel. I forward the parts with high school drama and then run back to them to check if I missed something. I am glad I found Glee.

Glee helped me embrace my joy. I was only happy about the presence of joy, more like relieved that there was some joy to look forward to, but Glee. Glee opened me up to making photons jump up and around.

Thank you Glee.

I think this is one of my coolest posts thus far.

‘Oh the movie never ends, it goes onnn and onnn and onnn and ONNN’

-‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Glee Cast