Since the last few posts have been rather depressing and lacklustre, I am going to make a few more of similar quality and purge myself of all that comes with my lack of cheer this time of the year. But since we’re still on Porcupine Tree,we’re going to talk today about Piano Lessons. I remember piano lessons, it’s one of those songs that you hear once and then you listen to it continuously on loop for days, and relate everything to it and then finally stop listening to it when there’s a new pop-y song that does its rounds. Now this usually happens once a week so it’s quite fine.

But Piano Lessons has a lot more to offer than the usual blend of excellent music and crazy abstract lyrics that Porcupine Tree usually gives us. It is very representative of their general negativity,  and the song leaves you mourning your losses, pulling at feelings you had repressed. Things you could explain but didn’t and emotions you knew were best left unruffled.

I have added the whole song here because that has now become my thing to do, apparently.

I remember piano lessons
The hours in freezing rooms
Cruel ears and tiny hands
Destroying timeless tunes

She said there’s too much out there
Too much already said
You’d better give up hoping
You’re better off in bed

You don’t need much to speak of
No class, no wit, no soul
Forget you own agenda
Get ready to be sold

I feel now like Christine Keeler
Sleepwaking in the rain
I didn’t mean to lose direction
I didn’t want that kind of fame

(Take your hands off my land)

Credit me with some intelligence
(if not just credit me)
I come in value packs of ten
(in five varieties)

And even though I got it all now
My only stupid dream
I see you and me together
And how it should have been

I remember piano lessons
Now everything seems clear
You waiting under streetlights
For dreams to disappear

Till next time, keep singing.

Piano Lessons, Porcupine Tree.