Hey this is something I wrote almost exactly a year ago. And it’s just amazing that  have similar things to say a year later. What this says about my personal growth, one never knows.

Fear has a smell, like love does. The sweaty palms, the sudden fluttering of your heart, and the momentary pain it induces in your system. Fear causes pain, like love does. At that long moment, when pain flits through you, and your cheeks feel hot.You can’t feel your fingers. You imagine the unknown, and you fear it. You think of what can go wrong, and even if you have reconciled to being helpless about it, you are afraid of what it may do. Fear makes you brave, like love does. You do things that you don’t imagine. Things that are contrary to your existence and your principles. You hold on to one irrate, irrational love, like you constantly refuse to face one irrational fear, and you overcome so many more, just to deny that part of you that blocks out the possibility to feel the unknown. Or in fact, unwanted.
This is the end of this random musing.
Merry Christmas, if you read this.
Or even otherwise.

There’s a hole in the ground into which I’m falling
So Godspeed to the sound of the Pounding
I’m all into the blinding light
Come in, come out, come in, come out, Tonight.

The Shock of the Lightning, Oasis