I watched ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ . I have a theory that all the men I love obsessively are similar. For instance, I kept comparing Kamal Hassan to Hugh Laurie. In my head, they had very similar ways of talking. Even Kamal’s walk in this movie, while he’s carrying those baskets, reminded me House’s limp.

Anyway. Let’s talk about the movie. It was refreshing, after Dasavataram, which was just a support Kamal Hassan party (I enjoyed that one too). Finally he could make one of those message-giving movies with decent, in fact enjoyable dialogues, and a strong screenplay. I liked the movie lots. The random witty dialogues, the ‘titans-meet’ appeal, the good looking Ganesh Venkatraman (My mom approves of this very South Indian actor, whom I liked in the movie), Shruti Hassan’s bass, all this was well done and reaching my standards of something that I was inclined to like anyway.

I am not smart enough to pronounce a Kamal Hassan movie. So I say- Watch it. Even if you’ve watched A Wednesday.

There was a really witty line in the movie that I’ve been repeating to myself because I can’t remember how well it was put. In very crude terms we can remember it, as something described as,  ‘ An Authority Dictated by Democracy’. As arbitrarily annoying as this seems, it’s a rather good line which gives us much to think about.

Spoiler Alert for Unnaipol. The movie talks about moral anger. The common man’s pent up anger against intolerance and crime. The eternal struggle the police and the government seem to have against punishing with death when can and in fact we must, because sooner or later the choice we have to make is between a few lives lost in imprisoning somebody or the many lives that will be lost by setting someone free. The movie is a small example of somebody taking into their hands, decisions that we believe are best left to the government. And it shows that authority is most juggled when it needs to be completely taken.

I am not propagating a mass rebellion or any kind of anarchist movement. I love democracy or anything that works. I have often wondered why the government feels the need to curb a generally popular, yet un-lawful do-gooder. When I was younger I used to wonder if it was because the government thought these people would steal their thunder.

Then I realised. All Robin Hoods don’t have a band of merry men to keep them in check. Many of them want to contribute and then fall prey to a weird megalomania. I am watching this Japanese show nowadays called Death Note, where something similar happens. Power gets to you. You want to be ‘God’.

But Unnaipol doesn’t deal with issues like these. These are but my incomplete, rather nascent musings. Unnaipol simply says that if you want to make noise and make a change, you can. I guess that was what I liked the most about the movie other than the excellent acting and obviously most importantly, Ganesh Venkatraman.

‘Mesmerize the simple minded, Propaganda, leaves us blinded.’

– ‘Hypnotize’ , SOAD