What I want you to watch

I’ve probably made everybody on my friends list, everybody on your friends list, everybody I know, everybody ever, watch this, but I can never tire of it. I still haven’t figured out how you get a little You Tube window to be on the screen so you can read the article while you actually watch the video, but if I did know. Mannnn.

So I had this weird idea today while showering, that it always makes me happy. So I decided that I must make a list of all the things that make me happy no matter what.  Since 7 is so magical and everything,I decided I must find 7.  And 7 things that bum me out and 7 things that always make me cry. Always.


1.Showering – The best 2-3 sets of 15 mins I spend everyday.

2.Swimming – I love the pre, the during, the post feelings.

3.Paani Poori – Self explanatory

4. Anagrams- Happiness floods when I solve them.

5. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica- There are basically two schools of thought.

6. Dancing-Not watching it.Doing it. Most pertinent Gerund of the lot.

7. Clean areas- I don’t have to do it myself but if they look clean I feel at peace-ish. Oh and  I have one more. Cooking.


1. Condescension

2. Bullying

3. Inconsistency

4.Unnecessary meanness, any kind of unwarranted spirit breaking.

5. Inefficiency

6. Ooh bad grammar. I correct and then I feel like a git. SO yeah basically making me feel like a git. Also, Unwarranted Guilt trips.

7. Aggression


1. Stepmom (The Movie) – I’ve cried every time I’ve watched it since I was a child.

2. Uncontrollable Anger – Most of the time it is because of this.

3. Birth-of any form- From Bacteria to Babies.

4. Victory-of any kind. An Award function, a match, love stories. It can be anything.

5. Failure- I cant laugh at it even if I do. It scares me.(This includes heartbreak,disappointments)

6. Sudden and unbearable Fear(Dark, Insects Life anything)

7. Marriages. Though I thought long and hard about whether you can count this under ‘Victory’, I decided add it separately anyway.

‘You make cardboard look cute’

Till next time, which is pretty soon, Keep singing.