So a friend of mine asked me to blog today about all this graduate school application work. I forgot to mention in my previous posts, that I am trying to go abroad to the United States. To study further. But then of course if you even KNOW me, you know this, and so we look intricately at the life of a struggling aspiring Research Scholar.

I recently joined this group on Facebook called ‘I picked a major I really like and one day I’m probably going to live in a box’ . I cannot begin to describe the aptness of this statement to my life. Everyday, I mail professors in the states, looking for the one, that person who will say ‘ Come hither, and do not fear, for hope is here.’ . Now even if that was lame-ish, my plight drives me crazy.

You’ve (all?) probably gone through this, but it all starts with an idea. Everybody in your school year is giving the GRE. You study like a maniac and you give it like it’s the most important exam ever. You produce results in the range of less than satisfactory to exceeded expectations. Some of you do abysmally badly, and a few of you lucky ones get an outstanding score. Then you give the TOEFL. Now this is such a boring exam I am not going to waste words on it. The rest is just shortlisting universities and applying to them. Anyway I shall not regale (all of?) you with my application woes.

Whom am I kidding?

The title of this post is from a song I used to listen to in college. Thank you Ash, for giving  it to me. And that’s your feature, girl. You= Super Trouper, possible (fingers crossed) future roommate.  It literally translates to ‘You, that are in at higher heaven,throw me down your blessing’. The song is called How far is Heaven. Somehow, when you feel the words so strongly, you never tire of this Anglo-Spanish Cowboy song, how much ever it seems to bug your friends.

Anyway. My current full time job involves mailing professors, to ask if they have a graduate position in their lab. The thing about applying for a PhD in an (apparently) obscure-ish subject is, that you have to have a graduate advisor even before you apply. So unless a professor gives you the metaphorical green signal, you are not even free to apply. And thus goes my day- reading up papers by random professors; obsessively re-editing my resume; thinking up sentences that make me sound highly interested, but not sycophantic; and then of course there’s talking to people about it all the time, and then my usual quota of inane Facebook quizzes.

So anyway, the point of this post is, to rant. And I succeed. A whole fifteen minutes wasted, but I feel better. It saves me from contributing to Mark Zuckerburg’s large debt.

In other news, I am reading a really really good book called ‘Genome’. It’s brilliant. I like it lots. Also, ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ is the cheapest insult to ‘A Christmas Carol’ . I mean, I spent over 5 years in love with Matthew McConaughey and it took four minutes of this movie to kill that for me. However, it was refreshing to see Michael Douglas . I wonder what it is about ‘chicks’, that makes us watch ‘chick flicks’. Maybe I must do a PhD on that. Very self-obsessively academic. I like the idea.

I leave you all now, to sympathise with my shivers and shrills from wherever you are. Till next time, keep it real keep singing,

‘And I just got to have some faith
And just keep on givin’,
How far is heaven
Yeah, Lord can you tell me,
How far is heaven’ -Los Lonely Boys