You don’t have to sing at the end of this post, because this, is a hate post. It’s an anger outburst post. It is about people who work hard to be a grinch. It’s about those people who go out of their way (or do it so often it is in fact their only way) to break other people’s spirits. Why oh why would you want to? It’s stupid, people. It’s wrong.

One reason I did not take up psychology is because sometimes, while it makes things seem crystal clear, you suddenly think it’s all shit. The more I think about it, sour tempered characteristics seem to arise for a need to have a purpose in a group. Like- oh he’s just the surly one. Or.  He’s just a moment killer. Well if you are then boo hoo. You really do have the charm of an eel.

I welcome (all of?) you, to share with us an experience , or just share your resentment over people who struggle so hard to play Grinch in your lives. No names, obviously. Also no foul language. That’s not Berry Nice.

‘You nauseate me Mr.Grinch, with a nauseous super ‘naus’.’ – How the Grinch stole Christmas, Dr. Suess