Gob Bluth: My God.What is this feeling.

Michael Bluth: Maybe this feeling that you’re feeling, is just what many of us call, a feeling.

GB: It’s not like envy, or even hungry.

MB: Could it be love?

GB: I know what an erection feels like, Michael.

Arrested Development, 302-For British Eyes only

I have been moping around for quite a few months, with a few weeks of respite that are overshadowed by oodles of melancholy and uninspired cynicism, but today, for what feels like the 17th time, I felt renewed reconcilation to my life and even the repetitive urge to ‘go with the flow’. I don’t know if anybody possibly agrees with as much ferocity, but confidence is a boon.

In other interesting trivia, I watched Slow-Gun Murugun . The occasional retarded funnies (Villain to abducted old ladies:’I will make all you Indian Mummies, Egyptian Mummies!’), Rambha’s thunder thighs, and obviously Lola Kutty, help you last the movie. But inspired, the movie is, yes. I loved the colours. Fascinating.

Final Destination-Rest in Pieces, is probably the most distasteful tag line I have heard, the most distasteful product name being Unwanted-72. What makes you grimace is, that both of these deliver their respective messages.  We get it, awesome PR people.

And now for that promised review of 17 Again. We already know, that everybody between the ages 12 and 17 is going to watch it, and everybody else is going to watch it because we miss Matthew Perry in our lives.

Tiny Spoiler alert for the next 4 lines.The movie starts off predictably, Zac Effron looks cute as ever, throws away his life when he is 17 to wed the girl he loves, and twenty years later, is Matthew Perry, sick of his redundant life and dysfunctional family, wishing for another chance. Then there’s Freaky Friday/The Hot Chick type inexplicable magic, 17 Again.

Despite being generic in every possible way, an indifferent soundtrack, unimpressively- hot girls/ moms/ men etc, the movie does not exasperate. Matthew Perry delivers in his cumulatively 10 minute long role as the discontented 37 year old undergoing mid life crisis, as does Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office (US) ) as the closet-dorky principal of the school. None of the other banal characters are worth mentioning. The movie really is, as they say, Zac’s party. He does a decent job, and is kinda cute, if I did not mention that earlier(Hes’ 21, so stop.).

Pronounced: Bearable

Jay couldn’t have said it better, it feels rather anticlimax-ic. As yesterday’s fear of a naxalite-abducted Chief Minister melts into plain respectful sorrow for the distressful death of a leader, you can’t help but hate the idiots who are immature to death. Stop saying ‘Voh toh A.P. ka CM tha, why are we getting a holiday?’. Idiots.

Anyway reader(s), next time, a review of ‘I love you, Man’ starring Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, and Rashida Jones, a true Television star(r)er, and more emotional musing, till then, keep it real, keep singing.

”Hunger hurts, but starving it works, when it costs.. too much to love.’ -Fiona Apple

P.S : Abha is beautiful. Sorry she made me promise I’d write her name in this. I dunno why she wanted to be featured though. But then again.

-I thought it was a bird but it was just a paper bag-